What is Flavor?

Flavor is an app to help us find where and what to eat faster.

Our ambition

It’s not a coincidence that we start with restaurant menus; think of Amazon starting with books. Our road map goes far beyond menus and into logistics, lending, and social media. We are looking to build a new category piece by piece but ultimately help people make better decisions, prosper, and overall be healthier and happier.

Why work at Flavor?

Being an early member has the advantage of seeing your work reflect directly onto the product; and shape the business, culture, and who we hire with your personality.

Imagine working at your favorite company when they only had 10 people.

How is it working here?

We are looking for people who:

Ethics & core values

Where you were born, what school you studied at, or how many countries you have traveled to matter very little in becoming part of our family. What we care about the most is who you have become and what you have learned that can help others.

We believe that everyone should feel free to be and do whatever they like as long as it doesn’t affect others.

Open roles