Serve more customers without increasing your staff.

+Maximize your profit.

Help them decide faster.

Flavor hides all the items your customers don’t eat, making the ordering process 50% faster.

With 67% of consumers saying that they would like a faster ordering experience, it’s no surprise that 33% of restaurants are looking to implement mobile ordering and payments this year.

Flavor speeds up the process in three areas: deciding what to eat, ordering, and paying.

A highly personalized experience.

71% of consumers expect personalization, and 76% get frustrated when they don't find it.

Top restaurant chains are investing upwards of $300M to offer a personalized experience, and they are rewarded; with some reporting over 15% revenue increase.

But not all restaurants can spend millions on personalization.

With Flavor you can offer a highly personalized experience at a fraction of that cost.

Ready for a new generation

With Flavor you can offer a 5-second video for each dish to help your customers decide what to eat and avoid surprises.

Gen Z and Millennials compose the majority of active diners today and video is their prefered medium.

With 82% watching videos daily and 56% using videos to make buying decisions.

The future: The National Restaurant Association predicts that by 2030 virtually all menus will be in video form.

Good to know: For a limited time we subsidize the production cost of high-quality videos that you can also use on your social media. Apply here.

Your products always available.

Having out of stock items on your menu increases the time it takes to order and the amount of time your waiters attend each table. Often it disappoints customers and harm your reputation as a reliable restaurant.

Make it your mantra-if it’s on the the menu, it’s available.

Flavor allows to make changes on the fly and all open menus update automatically.

We also updated automatically all places your menu exists (social media, restaurant website, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor).

Don’t throw food away when you can sell it.

If you have too much of something and only a few hours to go, don’t let it go to waste, discount it on the fly–it only takes a few taps.

And you can set the discount to expire at the end of the day so you don’t have to worry about updating your menu later.

In case there’s still food that’s too good to go, you can request a collection from one of our partnered charities.

Seat as many people as possible during off-peak times.

When you see business to slow down, turn on offers that expire after a set amount of time or set amount of products sold.

44% of consumers are driven by discounts; use it to your advantage.

Are you selling for too much or too little?

Flavor shows you how your prices compare with the competition dish-for-dish so you can make better decisions faster.

Which products attract the most customers?

Get to know which products on your menu are the attention grabbers. The ones that bring your customers to your front door.

Attracting the right customers.

For a customer to return, they have to like your food and service. Even if your food is made to the highest standard possible, there would still be people with different tastes.

For example, someone might like their pizza thick and soft and someone else thin and crusty. You can not satisfy everyone. However, if you knew who liked what, you could promote your products mostly or only to them. Now with Flavor, you can do exactly that.

Flavor creates a tasting profile for each user. So we can offer them the most relevant recommendations, and you with the best customer possible.

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Hide all the items you don't eat with one tap.

See all the menu, or tap on your menu to hide all the items you don't eat. If a dish you like comes with an ingredient you don't, you will see an indication-as long as it can be replaced or removed so you never miss out.

See it.

5-second videos for each dish so you can be more confident to try out something new. It’s also fun browsing menus TikTok style.

Shortlist it.

Too many good options? Tap on them to shortlist them.